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    July 6, 2013
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♪ >> we are not aligned. the white house insists it does not support any one group or party in egypt, but the situation remains especially tense following president morsi's ouster. the american whistleblower might soon have a new country to call home, but the question remains as to how he will get there. and a french victory at wimbledon. 15 seed marion wimbledon surprises the world, securing her first title and a 6-4, 6-1 win. those are the headlines. thank you very much for joining us. we begin, though, with events in san francisco where a little earlier on today, a boeing 777 a longing to south korean airline
asiana crashed into the airport. that airport was en route from the south korean capital to san francisco with 308 people on board. our south korean diplomatic sources are saying that one person has lost their life in that accident. 20 or 30 others are injured. early reports saying that eight adults and two children are in serious condition, critical condition at a local hospital. it has not yet been established what caused flight 214 to make an emergency landing. there is now debris scattered across the runway, including the tale of the airplane, which snapped off. the top of the plane's fuselage has been entirely burned off in some places. passengers are reported to have escaped via the emergency slide. we will bring you more on that as we get it. as we understand, one person has been killed there in that crash landing at san francisco airport. we go to egypt now where
officials are working to reclaim control of the streets after a night of clashes which claimed at least 36 lives in the eastern kyra -- in an eastern cairo suburb, the main rallying point of resident morsi's muslim brotherhood. authorities are bracing for the possibility of further clashes this saturday. our correspondent is following events in cairo and brings us the latest situation from the heart of the egyptian capital this saturday evening. >> things are a lot calm her this evening. the opposition has not gathered on tahrir square. the islamists, for their part, are still assembled near the presidential palace -- tens of thousands of them. leaders have called on them to stay on the street until there ousted president is reinstated. there have been mixed messages from the brotherhood leadership, some of the leaders saying that they should resist but peacefully, and others with a
little bit more very lens -- virulent speeches. the islamists more mobilized today, saturday, then opposition, which has called on egyptians who agree with their ideas to descend again and take to the streets tomorrow, sunday, which could be another of those days where agents and streets just fill up with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. >> of course it is in egypt are being watched with a degree of alarm across the globe, not least in washington -- of course, events in egypt are being watched with a degree of alarm. the united states saying they are not aligned with any particular party or group, and president obama has condemned the violence. do you think there is a sense of mistrust in egypt of the united states at this moment in some circles? >> yes, especially in the opposition. the american administration is
absolutely unpopular after the american ambassador in cairo dialogue, to try to work things out, meaning that she wanted the opposition to sort of into the conversation with the islamist camp, and this was completely refused by the opposition, who asked the u.s. administration to stay out of egyptian business. of course, the white house trying to be very careful here, treading thin water because as you know, there is massive hunting coming from america to the egyptian military -- $1.3 billion on average over the past years. it is also going to be the case next year, and the u.s. administration finds itself in a tight spot because under american law, the american government cannot fund a country which has just gone through a military coup, which is precisely what egypt has just gone through with the commanders basically taking the president, locking him up, putting him under house arrest, now detaining him, and basically
allowing for another government to take place. the u.s. administration definitely in a very uncomfortable spot here, and there is a lot of defiance, but in both camps in egypt vis-à-vis this u.s. administration. >> the state news agency in egypt is quoting a presidential spokesman as saying there are still many options on the table as to who might the the interim rime minister in egypt. originally, it was reported that the former head of the iaea would be the new prime minister, but it appears there has been a re-think there. sources say consultations are continuing, and we will bring you the latest as soon as we find out who the interim prime minister is. early on this saturday, a christian priest was shot dead in the northern sinai region of egypt. he was attacked while walking in a coastal city, the same city
where five police officers were killed on friday. today's killing of the priest has been called the first sectarian attack cents mohamed morsi was overthrown -- since mohamed morsi was overthrown. serious troops continuing their advance into the central city of homs for an eight day -- serious -- syrian troops. according to activists, a number of rebel fighters have been killed during the course of the day's violence. more than 1000 kilometers away from the fighting in the turkish city of istanbul, the serious -- syrian national coalition of elected its new president. he has been stuck in limbo at the transit area of moscow's main international airport for the best part of a fortnight,
but at last, fugitive american whistleblower edward snowden could have a new country to call home. venezuela, bolivia, and nicaragua have offered him asylum, but the next hurdle he has to face is how he gets there without passport. >> another door has opened for edward snowden -- the bolivian president is the latest leader to offer the u.s. national a safe haven. >> yesterday, the day before, and last night, i have been thinking, and this seems the right way to protest -- we will give asylum and hospitality to this american. he is being chased by his compatriots. we are not scared. >> president nicolas maduro has also said that edward snowden is welcome in venezuela. caracas is happy to take in the u.s. national. >> we are happy to offer asylum
to young american edward snowden so that he can live without persecution from the empire. >> a former national security agent, snowden is wanted in the u.s. for treason after leaking information on the government's controversial surveillance program. he has appealed to 27 countries across europe, asia, and south america for asylum. venezuela is not the only country ready to help. the nicaraguan president says he would be willing to grant snowden asylum under the right conditions. >> we are an open country -- respectful. it is clear that if circumstances permit, we would gladly receive snowden and give him asylum in nicaragua. >> the white house has so far declined to comment. snowden is currently thought to
be staying in a moscow airport transit area. he has been stranded in limbo since landing there almost two weeks ago. >> let's get a brief check of some of the other stories we are following. at least seven people, most of them children, killed in an attack on a boarding school in northeastern nigeria. islamic militants oust a dormitory with petrol and set it alight as the students were asleep, burning them alive, and shooting the children that tried to escape -- islamic militants doused a dormitory with petrol. mali lifted state of emergency for the first time since the french-let offensive began in january. presidential elections are to be held on july 28, and lifting that state of emergency will allow campaigns to kick off. and a freight train carrying petrol has derailed at high speed in central canada, exploding into a giant fireball, sending flames mushrooming high into the sky.
dozens of buildings were destroyed in a small town as that train burst into flames and at least one person has been killed. it is time now for a quick check of some of the top sports stories. it has been an action-packed saturday, especially here in france. let's go to the sports desk to start with what has been a row day for this country on center court in littleton. >> great day for marion bartoli. it was a pretty emotional match for both players, really an amazing victory. we never thought she would win wimbledon coming into this one, but she did gather momentum as the tournament went on. she's the third female player in the open area -- era to win wimbledon, so it is a pretty short list that she joins there. as you can imagine, she is elated.
she actually played back in 2007 but lost to venus williams, never been back to a grand slam final since then. it was the first time for lisicki as well, but she had beaten serena williams on the way. she was almost in tears in the match. she early had let let the occasion get to her, she said. she has been excellent at wimbledon, her 47th major, finally claiming her first title. it was a very special day for her. she will be going to place number seven in world rankings come monday, and she has been an absolute delight. >> fantastic. talk us through briefly stage eight of the tour de france. >> a very emphatic statement, winning the stage taking the jersey for the first time.
with around five kilometers to go, he started to make his move, hugely impossible as soon as he blasted away from the colombian who had opened up a lead. at one point, two former winners as well competing as both potential outsiders, but they were left very much trailing in the wake of the leader, who was last year's runner-up, remember, as he helped bradley williams to the overall classification title. but he is very much the main man now. >> let's return to san francisco international airport. you are looking at the latest pictures coming in now, which show the runway at the airport where that 777 airliner belonging to asiana airlines from south korea crash landed. you are looking at the remains
of the aircraft, which burst into flames on crash landing. we are not quite sure of the cause of the crash. we know that one person has been killed, according to south korean diplomatic sources. scores of others injured. we know now the nationalities of the passengers aboard -- 141 chinese people, 77 people from south korea, and 61 u.s. citizens. the balance of the passengers' nationalities not yet known, although we do know there were 291 passengers aboard that lane, which burst into flames when it came into land at san francisco international airport. you are looking at aerial pictures there, which is where we will leave you for this news update. we will be back in 15 minutes. thanks for watching, and do stay tuned to " france 24."
>> this week, a look at europe's reaction to the prison scandal -- prison scandal -- prism scandal. the week's news, and the video of the week. online sales of george orwell's "1984" have spiked in the wake of the surveillance program from the u.s. national security agency used to spy on people. the scandal affects europe in particular. the u.s. is reportedly monitoring 2 million data set and france, and in germany, the figure stands at 10 million. even the european parliament has apparently been targeted. members of the parlor tarik --
parliamentary institution in sweden spoke about it. >> we need to cancel safe harbor agreements with the united states now. they also need to make the decisions not to enter into trade negotiations for someone who clearly shows no remorse at backstabbing his country, and initially -- additionally, we need member state governments to show the political courage to stay with the public interests of european citizens. >> the scandal leads as european parliament continues its discussions on personal data. the biggest issue lies in making companies adhere to stricter legislation. online privacy is indeed a matter of urgency. "we could make it mandatory for european businesses that collect, process, and sell data to also obtain explicit consent from users for each type of data
processing, that they are very clear about what happens to personal data. if data is leaked or stolen, then they are obligated to warn users, but users are able to access their own personal data at any moment. it needs a standard good practice framework that companies should adhere to if they want to gain the trust of users." for france's data protection authority, europe's response could the an industrial one, considering building a new internet space independent of the united states. "there needs to be a political response. europe has some strong assets compared to the u.s. but will only be credible if it is industrially viable and has systems and companies, particularly as wireless clouds
are concerned, that can compete with those from the u.s. in some ways, data protection does become a competitive business. it could be a vital are given in selling or marketing a european cloud. choose our cloud because we provide stronger detection for your data than a foreign cloud will -- stronger protection for your data than a war in cloud will -- stronger protection for your data than a foreign cloud will." when we communicate, we make sure we use a recipient's key. we encrypt the message so the only person that will be able to read it will be the recipient with their key. the technology is there. it has been around for at least 15 years, available for web users, and i'm convinced it is the only solution we have at the moment. we must take control of our
technology. we must not let it control us." every day brings new revelations, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. edward snowden has said he is ready to make new disclosures about u.s. spyig activity. the government of china launched an online platform on monday to accept petiions from its citizens. that is as a new website encountered some technical hitches and crashed on its first day, leaving users wondering about how efficient the site, which has helped to modernize china, will turn out to actually be. the system itself goes back to imperial times in its design. citizens will learn to petition high level bureaus that cannot be solved by their lower-level, provincial, or town authorities.
petitioners are often assaulted before they are sent home. the new platform has been met with mixed reactions on social networks in china. some are concerned that the site requires people to register their personal details and fear that petitioners could face retribution from authorities. others think the platform is simply a pale copy of the white house's "we the people" petitioning platform, which over the past few months has been inundated with petitions from chinese citizens, demanding, amongst other thing, the u.s. extradite a chinese woman suspected of attempted murder. american web users have been mourning the deaths of 19 firefighters who were killed on sunday in the state of arizona, which is currently experiencing major fires across the region. the firefighters were members of the same elite unit -- the granite mountain hotshots.
messages have been pouring on social networks praising the bravery of the 19 firefighters who sacrificed their lives to save others. users have been posting under the #arizonawildfires. users can also post condolences on this site created in partnership with the local newspaper, "the arizona republic." death tributes have been pouring in from all over the world, and the platform is displaying thousands of messages. a number of online fundraising appeals have been started to provide practical help for the victims' families to help them financially in the difficult times that lie ahead. a great sense of sadness and strong emotions for the fallen firefighters as we can see in
these online images of a memorial to one of the men who lost their lives. military coup or egyptian revolution? president mohamed morsi was ousted by the military on wednesday night, and the news has been met with widespread and mixed reactions. supporters have also taken social networks with feelings of bitterness, saying mohamed morsy was the country's first democratically elected president -- mohamed morsi's was the country -- mohamed morsi was the country's first democratically elected president. other egyptians feel the second
revolution was necessary, referring to the tendencies of the government. while some are hailing what they consider a second chance for egyptian democracy, others are calling for vigilance. the website that was displaying a countdown to the expiration of the ultimatum mohamed morsi was given is now showing a 90-day countdown, the time the army has two draft a new constitution leading the country to fresh presidential elections. a photographer is fascinated by the famous san francisco fog in the u.s. and has produced this magnificent time lapse video to illustrate this magnificent phenomenon that is illustrative of the california city. as you can see, the end result is quite simply magical. >> watch "france 24" on your
smart phone or tv. whether in english, french, or arabic, access a whole host of interactive services. you can watch "france 24" live, or access our complete catalog to watch the programs you missed. take control of your experience. "france 24" -- world news, connected, 24/7. >> it's time for "in the weeklies." let's look at what french weekly magazines have been saying. what do you have or us? >> thanks, everybody. i start out with egypt and paris match, which is saying permanent revolution in the country, and it has a superb photo of the huge numbers of people we have
been seeing in tahrir square over the past number of days with mohamed morsi ejected. the magazine says the muslim brotherhood simply underestimated the opposition and the people, simply believing they were disorganized. there was a huge surge of civil disobedience. a look, too, at another french magazine which picks up articles from around the world. on egypt, it headlines, "morsi nightmare," and it has a cartoon of him being booted out unceremoniously. what stands out for me there in that piece is from a 36-year-old engineer in cairo, who says, "mohamed morsi just did not maintain his place in our hearts, in our mind, in our spirit. his term in office was nothing less than a nightmare, and that was a nightmare that we woke up from."
>> let's come back to france. the magazine on the right is looking at francois hollande having problems in power. >> he is not quite morsi, but you would not think that from reading the article, having a go at some straightforward hollande-bashing, asking if he can hold on, pointing to the continuing economic problems, the recent spat with the greens over the sacking of the environment minister, and it points out that each time the storm blows for him, it just seems to get more zen, the attitude around him. what stood out was a quotation from a socialist who said that holland would end up more hated than sarkozy -- hollande would end up more hated than sarkozy. bastille day celebrations coming up next weekend, and he is
reported as saying that he hesitated to give a tv interview given that recent interviews have not gone so well for him, so that piece really slamming francois hollande. >> let's take a look at this piece looking at the future. >> this struck me because it shows there is projects in several cities around the country. on the cover, you can see the incredible design, and that will actually be in lyon, and that museum will cover things from primitive art to science. it has run three times over budget, but that is one of several projects mentioned to show that france is still building. one of the project ideas that comes up in the article as having solar panels over motorways in france as a kind of green move, so interesting read. >> it is the weekend -- let's finish up with a new dance craze in france.
what is that? >> have you ever heard of the twerk? a new piece recommended for people, all about shaking your booty. the main exponent of this is beyoncé. we can actually watch a video which shows the saucy side of this from beyoncé. as we continue to watch it, we will see and even saucier version of this dance. ♪ >> that cannot be real. >> shake your booty indeed. >> i think you might, but i'm a bit too old for that one. >> this is all about exploring
your feelings and getting in touch with your animal nature, as some in france are taking it. >> everyone try the twerk this weekend, and whatever you do, be sure to enjoy it. thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute
hello, and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada with the latest in the hours. u.s. officials say a boeing 777 jet crashed at san francisco airport on saturday as it was landing. the plane belongs to to asiana airlines of south korea. smoke appears to be coming from the jet on the tarmac. it's not known yet whether there are any injured passengero crews. cnn said the